Efilive Autocal and Flashscan Instructions

Below are the instructions for Unlinking your Autocal and Licensing your truck to your Autocal or Flashsan

AutoCal Myths explained

First, if you haven't already, download and install Efilive V8 


Hook up Autocal or Flashscan to your computer and open the software, check and update firmware if needed. Close off window.

Check available licenses, if none are available and you Autocal or Flashscan has never been used on your truck you need to purchase a $125 VIN license via the link below.


If you have a Flashscan, you can load our tune file and you are ready to flash the Custom Tune we provided into your truck. Before you start, it is suggested that a battery charger is hooked up.

For Autocal users that have a unit that has been linked to another tuner, the unit will have to get unlinked from previous tuner. This can be done in two ways, previous tuner can provide you with unlink code and instructions or a $50 unlink code can be purchased from Efilive via the link below.


Once unlinked, email us your Autocal serial number and will provide you with link instructions.

The AutoCal Tune loading instructions also work for the Flashscan.

AutoCal & FlashScan Tune loading instructions

Once linked, you are now ready to flash the provided file into your truck.

Any questions, don't hesitate to call or email

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