LB7, LLY, LBZ & LMM EGR Delete +DSP 5 Email tune with Efilive

LB7, LLY, LBZ & LMM EGR Delete +DSP 5 Email tune with Efilive

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Loaner AutoCal now available to use with this Item

Or buy an AutoCal outright, we'll pre-load it with the tune that you purchased

Remove EGR Cooler, Cat or DPF filter, if applicable your LB7, LLY & LBZ Duramax, increase Hp, increase fuel mileage and durability.

The tune will have stock plus the following HP levels that can be switched on the fly

  • Tow,
  • 60 HP,
  • 80 HP,
  • 100 HP

This is meant for trucks that already have the switch installed.

Or check out the store to purchase a DSP 5 switch.

Flash this custom build tune into your vehicle using YOUR Flashscan or Autocal device.

If the Autocal is linked to a different tuner, you will have to get it unlinked. 

Please see above link

Previous tuner can provide you with unlink instructions or the unlink service can be purchased at 

A VIN License is only required if the AutoCal or Flashscan will be used to tune a truck that hasn't been flashed before with your device

 At checkout please provide vehicle VIN so a proper file can be build and email you the modified files

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