Displacement On Demand / Active Fuel Management removal

Displacement On Demand / Active Fuel Management removal

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Having the notorious lifter tick, miss fire? Local shop wants to replace the whole engine?

By installing another engine, the problem did not get addressed, the lifters will fail again!

This is very common on 2007.5 -2014 GM V8s, as a fuel saving feature, your vehicle would shut down 4 cylinders. Great idea, poor execution. 

The 'active' valve lifters are not very reliable, it is not a matter of if they will fail, but when they will fail

Your engine can be repaired with all OEM GM parts so it will be as reliable as the 99-2007 GM V8s. 

Send us your ECM while your engine is being repaired and we will remove the AFM / DOD from your ECM so it 'thinks' that your vehicle never came with this feature.

We will disable all unnecessary trouble codes that are not applicable anymore, proper diagnostics will remain in effect.

If requested we can also disable the catalytic convertors and change the settings so that you can use a 'normal' block heater cord without any trouble. 

The factory block heater cord end only allows the block heater to come on a temperatures below -18°C or 0°F

Both can be done at no extra charge.

Normal return shipping included, if you want it back faster, purchase the priority shipping option in the Store

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